Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Christmas, Everyone!

"Snow Girl" by Candy Claws

"Tonight I Belong to You" by Firebreather

Kay, Ryan, Wesley, Mckenzie, Meghan, and Aly

Monday, November 16, 2009

Snowed In! Online Tour Day 6

Hi! We were planning on going to Austin today, but got snowed in over the weekend...that's our explanation. Anyway, here's the song we made for you:

This is Day 6 of our Online World Tour for "In the Dream of the Sea Life." It's going so fast! Now we spin around. Today we added Jonathan (new haircut - did you notice?) on Double Majesty Maracas. Brooke and Seth spun the cameras above us, and Julian the dog walked near. The magic happens when our faces line up with themselves, and with each others', and at all other times, except maybe Ryan's strange singing at the beginning. Is there a wrong note? This was a new time for the band, laying flat, singing up. Hey! Who is that behind the mask?? Try to decide... Also, we miss Mckenzie. Come back soon! You too, Celeste.

We just came from On a Friday in Boston. Tomorrow we visit FensePost in Bellingham. Visit this post for a full list of tour dates, with links.
You can stream the entire album, read reviews, and pick up a copy (digital or physical) at Indiecater. Also, this is our myspace.

Thanks for watching! See you so soon.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

World Tour!

We will be touring for our latest album, "In the Dream of the Sea Life."

This tour shall happen online, in the form of videos posted to music blogs of different cities and towns across the entire planet. The first ten dates will feature live footage of acoustic versions of each song on the album. The last ten dates will debut brand new music videos for each song.

This list will be updated as the tour evolves:

11/9 - Ft Collins, CO - Fort Calling - Diving Knife (acoustic)
11/10 - Denver, CO - Cause = Time - Lantern Fish (acoustic)
11/11 - Seattle, WA - Camp Revival - Starry Fighter Kite (acoustic)
11/12 - Brooklyn, NY - Chocolate Bobka - Catamaran (acoustic)
11/13 - Boston - On a Friday - The Sun is My Girl (acoustic)

11/16 - Fort Collins, CO - Snowed In! - Flashy Storm (acoustic)
11/17 - Bellingham, WA - FensePost - Island Grows (acoustic)
11/18 - Fort Collins, CO - Act So Blog Forest - Snowflake Eel Wish (acoustic)
11/19 - Montreal - Midnight Poutine - Not Strange Winged Snail (acoustic)
11/20 - Vancouver - Peppermill Records - Snowy Shores (acoustic)

11/21-12/6 Thanksgiving Break, Thanks!

12/7 - Liverpool - The Devil has the Best Tuna - Diving Knife (music video)
12/8 - Ireland - Asleep on the Compost Heap - Lantern Fish (music video)
12/9 - Norway - Eardrums Music - Starry Fighter Kite (music video)
12/10 - Germany - Das Klienicum - Catamaran (new music video)
12/11 - Colorado - Fort Calling - The Sun is My Girl

12/14 - Switzerland - Music of the Moment - Flashy Storm (music video)
12/15 - Huggerland - mp3hugger - Island Grows (music video)
12/16 - Venezuela - Gopher Illustrated - Snowflake Eel Wish (music video)
12/17 - Philippines - Status Magazine - Not Strange Winged Snail (music video) and Interview
12/18 - The Universe - Weekly Tape Deck - Snowy Shores (music video)


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

In the Dream of the Sea Life

"In the Dream of the Sea Life" is out now on Indiecater Records in both download and CD format.

The album has been remastered and repackaged for the best possible listening experience.

Stream the entire album, read reviews, or buy a copy at Indiecater.

This is the Sea Star Nest

Hi! This is Candy Claws' brand new blog. We set it up as a convenient place to track our world tour across the internet. Stay tuned for tour dates!