Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Strange Land Discovered

"Hidden Lands" is done! The music at least. Right now I'm designing for cd....and vinyl!! More details on the release will come soon. For now I'll say it will be released in the summer.

We've been recording since last winter, but the last couple weeks have been the best part, the mixing. I'm off from work during these snowy months (I maintain hiking trails) so I've just been staying up all night mixing, listening, making notes, watching the Sean Connery Bond movies, and mixing some more. It's a good back-and-forth for the brain. Plus, the whole atmosphere of exotic 60s locations has shaped the way the album feels. To me, it looks like the way film looked in the 60s, great flat color...it sounds like it, too, with instruments hard-panned left and right, vocals in the middle...

"In the Dream of the Sea Life" sounded very 2009, which isn't a bad thing, but "Hidden Lands" sounds a lot more timeless.

Maybe this will be a real blog?


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