Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Eternal Strange Loop, Part 11

This blog is so behind the times! WiFi has been rare... Here's JULY 11, the day after the "Act of God" (insurance company's term, not ours). By the way, photos are always by McKenzie. That's why there's dogs and flowers all the time...

The wonderful folks at White Sulphur Springs let us hang out for a day. Summer camp!

A bowling alley from the 1800s. Meghan got a strike. Old-fashioned!
Tea party! There were these small cookies that were so great.... Food memories...

My new friend Ben! Had a great talk about Life and the Universe. More people should be so brave.

Try again. Smile, you're at summer camp!

Kay and Tori! Tori's parents loaned us a van the next day to get to NY. There's great people in the world.

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