Monday, October 11, 2010

The Breathing Fire VIDEO SHOOT

Spent a weekend in the mountains with the coolest kids ever, shooting a video for "The Breathing Fire," directed by Chris Osborn and Matt Shorr. You can read their reports here:

Without giving too much away, here's some photos from the set...

See ALL the photos from DAY 1 here:
See ALL the photos from DAY 2 here:

Chris: "That's called a snare drum."
Sydney: "It sounds like snot."

Dallon: "This grim lighting is perfect for the funeral of the instruments."

Abigail: "My hands are so cold, I am the Ice Queen."

Sydney: "What's an Iron Curtain?"
Rachel: "I think it's a curtain that's been ironed too much..."

Bea: "Are you really ten feet tall?"

Katie: "CUT!"

Rachel: "I'm not gonna watch that youtube video, dude."

Abigail: "I buried the leaf. It's out of chloroplasts."
Dallon: "I gave it a rock for a headstone."

Bea: "Guess what a Rike is..."
Ryan: "A British rake?"
Bea: "A river + a lake."

Sydney: "We were in that big pile of blankets."
Ryan: "How did you breathe?"
Katie: "There were little holes."

Nika: "How long does it take to make a real movie? Think of staying in the same costume for four years..."

Abigail: "This is my forest bedroom, under those curved branches."
Ryan: "Did you sleep there last night?"
Abigail: "Yes."

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