Saturday, March 20, 2010

Austin, a Dream Come True

Our first night in Austin, exploring the woods near Dusty's apartment.

The next day we played 3 shows, made friends, super great. TwoSyllable // Transparent // Spokesbuzz // Weekly Tape Deck // Friendship Bracelet // Weed Diamond // Todde English Spelling Bee // The Non // Jenn De La Vega // Teenage Cool Kids

Finally met Brian and Zach in real life (IRL) at the TwoSyllable / Transparent party and gave them the gift baskets! They are sooooooo cool and nice, good vibrations all around.

Not many pictures today, it wast a wild ride: "A Night to Remember." - Wesley

Here we arrive at Karibu Ethiopian for our Shake Some Action show.

Watched a ferocious possum, Jon saved the day at the Woodsist Showcase, Wesley had his Best Day Ever, and we DROVE PAST BILL MURRAY on our way out of downtown.

Back at the apartment...

Riley took the first train to Dreamland.

The rest of us got our WiFi fix.

Jon just emailed me a donut. Goodnight!

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