Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SXSW Photo Album

Here's all the rest of our SXSW photos, from the cameras of Meghan, Riley, Matt, and even a mystery person.

Get ready to scroll forever

More magic after the break....

Duck Pond in Norman

Hi Dallas, ok Bye!

At Dusty's apartment in Austin

Exploring the hills at night

Look how steep the parking lot is!

TwoSyllable / Transparent Showcase

Washed Out / Small Black

Photo by Matt, thanks!

Zach, Brian, and Ryan

Fergus and Geronimo, who turned into Teenage Cool Kids later at Shake Some Action

That Ghost

Spokesbuzz Party at the Wave

Someone took pictures of us with Riley's camera. If it was you, let us know and we'll make you rich and famous by putting your name on our blog.

3rd show of the day, Shake Some Action at Karibu.

The girls arrive at the party.

The possum in the night after the party.

We played a freezing show the next day at 6 Stages Over Texas, it was super fun and we got free lighters next door. Kay's was the biggest.

The Huge Long Drive back home.

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  1. I wrote up that Shake Some Action poster! It was so fun hanging out with all of you. I can't wait til next time!